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Mechanical Testing of Materials

Mechanical Testing:

Mechanical testing is a term used that encompasses a number of different tests that determine the various mechanical properties of a material. Generally speaking, mechanical testing measures a material’s response to a loading condition. Mechanical testing serves to ensure a material is suitable for its intended application and is a verification of prior material processing.



Accu-Test Labs’ team mechanical testing experts perform the following mechanical tests:

Room Temperature Tensile Testing

Elevated Temperature Tensile Testing (up to 1200 F ; Above 1200 F per quote)

Bend Testing

Compression Testing

Shear Testing

Hardness Testing

-Brinell Hardness (HBW)

-Rockwell Hardness (HR)

-Vickers Micro-hardness (HV)

-Knoop Micro-hardness (HK)

Impact Testing

-Charpy Impact Testing

-Izod Impact Testing

Drop Weight Testing