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Metallography Analysis

Metallography is performed to examine metals’ constituents and physical structures, most commonly using light optical microscopy. Typically, metallographic analysis involves a destructive process to extract a sample from a part, followed by sample preparation, which includes mounting, grinding, polishing, and etching to reveal microstructural details. Accu-Test Labs’ team of experienced metallurgists and trained metallurgical technicians incorporate advanced digital microscopy software in performing various types of metallographic evaluations to meet our customer’s material specifications.

Accu-Test Labs routinely performs the following:

  • Microstructure Examinations (ASTM E3 / ASTM E407)
    • Decarburization evaluation
    • Retained austenite estimation through optical metallography
    • Coating thickness
    • In Situ (Replica) Metallography
    • Phase analysis through image analysis software.
  • Grain Size Determination (ASTM E112)
  • Macrostructure Evaluation (ASTM E340 / ASTM E381 / ASTM E604)
  • Inclusion Content (ASTM E45)
  • Determining Volume Fracture by Systematic Manual Point Count (ASTM E562)
    • Ferrite content

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