Material Inspection and Testing Services


ISO/IEC 17025:2005
ISO 9001:2015

Pricing at a Glance


Hardness pricing for Nondestructive Testing – See Nondestructive Testing on page 8.



Brinell or Rockwell (minimum)


Brinell or Rockwell (when in conjunction with mechanical testing)


One (1) Quadrant Survey


Four (4) Quadrant Survey


*Rockwell Hardness Weld Survey (up to 18 points)


*Rockwell Hardness 15 N Weld Survey (up to 19 points)


*Vickers Hardness Weld Survey (up to 19 points)


*Vickers Hardness Traverse (up to 10 points)


*Case Depth – Vickers or Knoop (up to 10 points)


Jominy (End Quench Hardenability)


Hardness Survey Additional Points


*Note: Hardness survey may require additional points.